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Piech Asia is about creating elegant and innovative design solutions to elevate our clients brand image. Working with the best designers available in the region, we offer a unique perspective to design practice. 

From project inception to completion, we are working closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their design requirements all the while making sure we provide a unique creative value by sharing a deep believe in elegant styling, relevant aesthetic and applicable usability. 

Unique Creative Concepts

We do not recycle creativity, each project is unique and demands for its own dedicated solutions. With us you are guaranteed a deeply personalized development.

Innovative Design Solutions

Whether working on a ground-breaking automotive concept or working on the redesign of a chair, we approach each projects with the same attention to innovation. Our guiding principle is to find a truly novel approach to the design solution.

World Class Design Team

Understanding the localized need of our customer does not prevent us to work with the best designers in the region. Our design team has proven its excellency working on projects for prestigious clients such as BMW, Mini, Delta Airline, Asus, IBM, Lenovo...

What is PAE

PAE is an independent agency offering advanced design solution. We specialized in Product & Industrial Design. We work with world leading brands to design conceptual and ready for market products. 

Why contact PAE

We work in symbiosis with our clients; we do not force unrealistic design concepts. We aim in providing strong design solutions that truly meet your needs. We are driven by excellence in design. 

Where is PAE

PAE is located in Beijing China, works around the Asia Pacific regions with clients in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore. 

contact us info@pae-asia

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